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A Night in the Machine

A Night in the Machine

This site is about the world I've created for a roleplaying game. I've been using Gurps - GURPS Basic Set: Characters, Fourth Edition & GURPS BASIC SET Campaigns - to cover the basic game mechanics so I don't have to come up with all of the basic mechanics or rules myself. We have come up rules for certain skills so we have an official version of how we use or learn these skills in this universe. The official Gurps page can be found here - - and there is a free pdf of the game called Gurps Lite which can be downloaded from their website here.

The basic premise of this universe is that the characters are all computer generated people in a series of computer generated Universes. This means that if the characters are aware of what they are and where they are then they have a significantly greater amount of control over their lives, and if they've found out how can travel between different universes created by the same computer. The name of the site "A Night in the Machine" comes from one of the variations of this idea, which was played for a short campaign where the characters had snuck into a company that connects players into a computer game in a similar fashion to the "The Matrix".

The original universe was based upon our own one and allowed the characters to do anything that was theoretically statistically possible, no matter how unlikely in relativity that X, Y and Z would happen to the same person in that order. An obvious example of this would be having a character win a lot of money at a casino every time they go there - though according to our rules they need to have taken into account the casino security and if they went in and obviously won massive amounts of money every single time, they'd be noticed and security would assume they were cheating, leading to them being trespassed from the casino. It was also decided that the authorities /banks/police would start wondering where they were suddenly getting so much money from and assume that were criminals of some sort and were just using the casino to launder the money.

On a basic level one of the aims of the game is for the characters to learn how to gain administrative access to the computer that creates and controls their universe in order to be use it to their advantage, or to use it in order to be able to start meeting the other aims the GM has decided to put into the game.

One important thing to note is that a lot of the information on this web site could be described as being adventure seeds, rather than full blown Gurps campaigns as I currently don't have the stats written up as examples. The big problem is exactly how the GM wants to play games in these types of Universes and how much power they want to give the player characters, also a game set in a horror verse version is going to be radically different from one that is that is based upon hard science fiction with a strong biases towards technology and aliens that are scientifically possible.

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